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"Back in the day" -- when you bought a LandCrusier -- you bought it for a single purpose. A rugged go most any place vehicle.

Today our vehicles have to wear many hats. Get the kids at school, cruise down the highway, carry groceries, and then finally get on the trails when we have time.
Yep. IMO, the compromise worked out in our favor. As rugged and reliable as the old 'Cruisers are/were, I've beat up many a bladder and kidney bouncing down the highway at a whopping 45-50mph in one of my FJ40's just to get to a trail run. Not fun if you do it a lot. :rolleyes:

I never would've even thought about driving 5500 miles round-trip to the Summit last year in my 25 or 40. :eek: :eek: At least the FJC got me there and back in relative comfort.
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