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OME 883 & Daystar

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I already have the OME 883 springs on the front. I was thinking of adding a daystar 1.25in front top spacer and a 1.5in rear spacer. What do you guys think? I just didn't want to get rid of the 883's so soon i just put them in before the summit.
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Can you put a spacer on top of an aftermarket coil-over, i mean i don't see why not considering there's not much difference in the OEM and an aftermarket shocks (i mean accept performance wise) but no-one does it, why? Sounds like an easy, and cheap way to achieve a larger lift.
If you want the best answer, call up ARB tomorrow and ask to speak to a tech. (don't call around lunch time, they like to take long lunches, trust me).

I have a gut feeling they will tell you not to do this. Only difference between me and them is they will explain why not to.
What did you find out? I am getting ready to put 883's on this week and would like to know the answer!

Whatever happened with this idea? I am running the 883's and would like to add more lift all around if possible. What would be the reason why this would not work?
Get 884's or 885's then. Not spacers. Then sell the 883's on here.
Yeah I know that the 884's and 885's would be better because then I would avoid using spacers; however, with a new baby, the mod fund is a touchy subject with my wife.

So here is what I am thinking. . . I got 1.5" out of the 883's on the front. I can add a top-mount 1.25" spacer to the front and a 1.5" rear spacer to gain additional lift at all four corners. This will not pre-load the front suspension and also will still be less than 3" of total lift so I will avoid added stress to the cv-joint. I should still sit pretty close to level. I'm not too worried if I have 1/2" of rake. Maybe it would have less effect on mpg?

Anyone do anything similar?
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