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OME lift just installed maybe 1k ago.

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Everything is great but today i was pushing up and down on my roof rack to see if i could hear any noises because im going to be re-tighting anything that might be lose and in the back as i push up and down it makes a noise hard to describe kind of a sound like shocks make going up and down but its kind of loud. This normal considering there brand new i expect them to make some noises. No clunking or any other noises though.

Im just thinking its the suspension trying to settle its self.
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I put my OME on about 5000 miles ago. I hear a little creaking sometimes too. I tend to think that it is just settling in as you described.

hmm the noise didnt come back when i tried to do it agian, so it must be settling and not something major though it is going in to get retightened very soon.
I got a bit of noise from mine when I first put them on. One trip to Moab and the good workout they got and all is good. I think it's maybe just a break in kind of thing.
hmm i hope so everythings retightened now and aligned, squeeking noise is still there but it only makes it when i push up on the roof rack, also i can hear it when i get out but maybe thats cause im a little heavy hehe..
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