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TRD Wheel - 16 x 7.5
BFG All-Terrain A/T KO, LT285/75R16/E

Just looking for some opinions and input on this package - primarily from those who may be running these wheels and tires on their vehicle.

1) How's the street ride and handling/feel?

Is this tire getting a bit too big for this wheel in terms of "ideal" rim width?
Will it feel a bit loose and uncontrolled, primarily in cornering on the street?

2) How's the offroad performance "overall?"

Good sidewall to rim height/tire size?

Thank you in advance for your input...


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I'm running 285/75/16 BFG KMs on 16x8 wheels and they're fine. I'm sure the A/T would be fine on the 16x7.5. They shouldn't rub with your lift, although i could be wrong. The ride on my M/Ts fine, and A/Ts will be a bit better. You should have better handling if you are just running stock tires.
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