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Panel Switches For FJ

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NCFJ (Stan) initiated this thread as a listing of various switches that will work in a variety of capacities on the FJ Cruiser.

We'll include a number of posts of recommended switches here, however, for a complete listing of contributed suggestions, and/or to read the original full thread and post questions/comments on this topic, please go to

There have been a fair amount of switch related threads lateley so lets get them all in one place.

Carling sealed rocker switches, part #432-1088-ND Switch Rocker SPST 12V 20AMP Sealed
2 lights, one lights with dash lights, 1 lights when circuit activates

$11.20 each, $9.00 each for 10 or more

Digi-Key Corp. 1-800-344-4539

The stock holes in the center console are stepped, smaller as you go in. The sides of the switch openings require trimming from behind with a utility knif, about a minute, very easy. The new switches are held in by the top and bottom


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Re: Switches-post pics,suppliers,and pricing here

Here'smysetup. Got the switches from my buddies web site.
HID Kits & Neons - underbody kits, LEDs, cathodes, hid kits
Here's the link to the switches.
Scion OEM Style LED Rocker Switch

They work great, require slight trimming of the switch panel, but you can still reuse the blank covers if you ever remove them.

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