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Hi everyone:

I have a 2007 FJ. Last year some guy rear-ended me and broke one of the 2 parking assist sensors. I went to Toyota and bough a new sensor ($300.00 - OUCH!) and then following advice from other threads and some YouTube videos, I replaced the sensor. But it doesn't work. When I put the car into reverse, I get the regular beep sound like I'm supposed to get but as I backup closer and closer to an object, the beep frequency doesn't increase - it just stays the same. Is there some coding that's supposed to be done to the computer to get t to work. I've never seen any reference to any computer recognition - it's always presented as a plug and play type of repair.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


San Jose, California
2007 FJ with 491,000 miles on it (11,000 of that is on a new motor!
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