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Passenger side lean?

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Hi All

I installed the TRD TTUE suspension kit in my FJ this past weekend. The front shocks come pre-set on different "notches" supposedly to correct the driver's side lean. I also installed new rear springs that aren't part of the kit.

When I measured the clearance between the fenders and tires, the front left and front right were pretty much equal. However, my driver's side rear is sitting a whole inch higher than the passenger rear. I've heard of driver's side lean but anybody else experience passenger side lean?

I'm wondering since these are new springs if I just have to wait for them to settle a bit. Just as with the OE springs, I believe the driver and passenger side are the same.

Or have I messed something up at the rear? The rear coils are properly seated at the bottom, but it's hard to get a good look at the top (where the spring seat insulator touches the body). When I do glance up there, I see a "less dusty" patch of body towards the front of the spring making me think it needs to be pushed forward slightly. But from what I can tell, the passenger side looks the same.

Any thoughts (or reassurances!) would be much appreciated

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what rear springs did you use. i recently changed my rear to Toy Tec super flex HD due to the fact that with my RTT on top and loaded for camping i needed the heaver springs. when i first did it the passenger side was 1" higher but after i put some miles on it and they settled they are within 3/8" now.
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