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So I'm planning a drive down to Mexico. It will be my wife and I. We are both avid travelers, in our late 20s, working professionals, and speak VERY little Spanish. The trip is probably going to be about a year from now. The reason we will stay in Mexico is she is not a US Citizen, so getting visas to different countries would be a bit of a hassle (much more difficult than for an American like me).

The goal is to drive down, enjoy the beaches, and explore some cities/towns. Essentially to travel to places where the tourists don’t dominate the scene. And to stretch it out for about a month. AND DO SO SAFELY.

I will be driving my 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is stock in every regard (regular size tires, dealer issued brush guards, and no locking differentials).

So I have a couple of questions. First, where do I find like-minded people who also make the trek? I figure a caravan of cars would be safer (assuming the other people are also mature and responsible and not the party-bus type).

Secondly, what gear will I need? I am making a list and have the following so far:

- power inverter (taking recommendations on brands)
- dual fuel camping stove
- dual fuel lantern
- wind up flashlight
- pepper spray
- knife
- extra fuel jerry cans (how many gallons should I take?)
- flat tire repair kit (which type is best? The stores have several types).
- tire inflator (again, taking recommendations on what works best)
- 5 gallon water jug
- Cooking supplies
- Basic medicines
- Snatch strap for towing (recommendations on brands?)
- Debating removing the brush guards because I read they cause more damage than anything else. Not sure I want to buy an ARB bull guard as it would be pricey and I’m not sure I need it.
- Debating buying a roof rack (currently I have the standard stock roof rails). Not entirely sure I would need the roof rack.
- Food storage cooler (I feel like a fridge would be a luxury that really isn’t necessary)
- is one spare tire enough?
- do I need to upgrade my tires?
- extra motor oil
- extra antifreeze
- money belt
- safe
- some form of GPS that will work there (need recommendations)

Am I missing anything?

So I am on a budget, so where should I look for my gear? Amazon? Local shops?

Thanks! I'm not planning on doing any intense off-roading. If it looks like I would need a snorkel, I would probably turn around since I have no interest in getting stuck in the deep reaches of Mexico in places I know nothing about. Same goes for big rocks.

And if you've made the journey before, what is the safest route and which areas should I avoid? We're doing all our homework. I've already read the blog of the TransWorld guy who traveled with his Land Cruiser around the world.

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Welcome... Well if you plan on going into Baja, here what you can expect Baja Off Road Adventure. We just got back.

Check out the Expedition Portal Forum. Lots of folks there go overlanding all around the world. You can get plenty of good insights.

BTW: here is a rig inspection check list that may help. Just let me know if you want others for gear, first aid, camping...

Good luck to you and safe travels.
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