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Phone mount Fun!

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Installed this new phone mount to my FJ. I stumbled upon it when I was searching for a new mount! Actually a lot sturdier than I thought it was going to be!

I bought a 1" ball mount adapter with the correct size thread then used an old ram mount and used double stick tap and put on a wireless charger. I actually really like this location, never liked the windshield location or the driver's side vent. No skill is needed to install it, just unscrew and lift up the dashboard trim slightly and place it and tighten it!

For FJ Cruiser 2007-21 Alloy Car Air Condition Vent Mount Phone Holder Stand USA | eBay (mount) (ball adapter)
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Looks similar to how the Bison Gear bracket is mounted

I purchased this last week, once it arrives will share feedback.
Wow I really like that one too. The integrated usb ports are very functional. Love that there is plenty of space to add more!
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I might be hesitant of putting it on the vent itself. Having the cold air blowing on it, chilling the interior, and taking it off to walk around in a warm pocket might cause condensation issues. That also might lead to problems with moisture on the inside. That can't be too great for circuits.

That being said, I think I am going to try one of the ones that fits in the CD player. There's a nice phone-sized gap in between the vents that would prevent the cold air blowing directly on the back of the phone. If my phone dies in a year I'll let you all know. :D
Haha I hope yours does not die in year, maybe two 😂
I also no longer have a CD player, installed a aftermarket headunit recently (wireless android audio is phenomenal)

I hear what you are saying about the condensation. Did not consider that at all. Will update if that does become an issue!
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