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Hello everybody from Colorado Springs!

I picked up my '08 FJ "Trails" Edition tonight from the local Toyota dealer after spending much time here on this forum doing research. Now that I'm an official FJ owner, I just wanted to join up and say hi from Colorado Springs!

I'm really looking forward to doing a lot of camping this summer, and towing my pop-up camper behind my new Toy!

I'm already thinking of a lot of modifications and add-ons I could make, but the first should probably be a Tranny temp gauge and cooler, since my camper can weigh over 4,000 fully loaded and we have some mean hills here in Colorado!

I'm also considering scrapping the standard hitch and putting on a WDH because I have a Fleetwood Evolution E2 popup camper, and the tongue weight is very heavy even without much gear loaded on the front rack.

Look forward to trading info with other FJ owners! I'll attach a picture of my new Rig below, and one of my camper for kicks!

My first question is -- What air filter and oil do you guys run to get the best fuel economy? Is that TRD filter really worth the money or should I go K&N? Synthetic oil, Synth blend, or mineral oil?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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