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pics of my Ti with an older deisel land cruiser

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Was out on a workshop with work for medicinal indiginous plants... and one of the facilitators parked her land cruiser next to me, not sure of the year but it was deisel... nice ride....I'll post a few more limit was 5


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couple more...


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Great pictures.

I am always envious of the old school FJ owners.
Great shots!!!


Looks nice! My neighbor has an '76 diesel TLC, but its not in great of shape as the one you posted. He stopped driving it though, because $5.26 gallon diesel in a lifted truck with 35" interco's adds up pretty quickly.
I would love to find an old deisel like this one.... there is also a army green one like this one locally...they look like a fun ride..and tough as nails, looks like nothing could harm them
very nostalgic and cool!
Nice pics!
Looks like she has taken care of her ride. I've seen a few nice older FJs in S Texas but I think they were gas. I'd like to find one in reasonable shape at a reasonable price. Maybe with fuel and everything going up, a few owners might consider selling
The old FJ's are just plain cool. You think the neo FJ gets alot of "is that the new Jeep" questions can you imagine the old school FJ? Toyo could sell a million of them if they offered a smaller, soft top FJ.
I'd jump on one in a New York minute...diesel of course
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