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Pioneer AVIC D3 help

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Im looking to buy a new or used pioneer avic d3 depending on the deal i can get. I talked to fjcruiser audio and they arent selling them anymore.
so if i buy from Pioneer AVIC-D3X In-dash Video,Car Video Packages,Car Navigation Systems

will i still get the 200 rebate?
If you have any other recommendations for an online vendor any help is appreciated.
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I got mine from Crutchfield and it included the Sirius interface, iPod connector, steering wheel controler, and backup cam. Forgot how much rebate I got for it though, all I remember was that was the cheapest place I found get the AVIC.:cool:
good luck
Some Best Buy stores still have them in stock, check the website and they'll tell you. There's also a 12% rewards zone coupon floating around, so it takes the 699 price down to something around 612 plus tax.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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