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Looking for pics of all Toyota Facory OEM wheels (other than the 17" steel and 6-spoke that came as a FJ option) that are being run on the FJ? Please post any pics of Tundra, Tacoma, Sequoia, Land Cruiser wheels and any mod (spacer?) you had to make in order to make them fit (if that was the case). If no mod please just put 'NO MOD'. I would like to make a list of all OEM wheels that fit w/out any mods.

I've copied a post by BamaBleach below as an example. He/She is running sequoia rims (but dont know if it required a spacer or not). I sent BamaBleach a PM asking if spacers were required or anything.

Seeing as how Toyota's are just about everywhere now, it just seems to make sense to know what parts would be interchangable, so if you were ever in a pinch you could run by a junk yard or something and grab an extra set or a replacement. Also, they are light and fairly inexpensive.

Here's my current setup:
265-70-17 Maxxis Big Horn's on Sequoia wheels

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