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plnfixr320's build of a horse with no name.....

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This is a complete build of my 2007 Ti FJ start to finish. I can say that it is done due to the fact that it's official time of death was 8 a.m. yesterday morning when I got the call from the insurance adjuster stating that it is a total loss.

Out the Door:
Auto 4x4
FJammer (no sub)
Roof rack

Well i can't find any pics from when it was 100% stock, but we all know what stock looks like.

1st Mod run:
Removed rear mud flaps
Removed running boards
Added Cobra 75 wx
Bandi mount
4' antenna
IPF 968's on stock bumper

For the life of me I can't find any pics in this stage either. I did loose a hard drive a few years ago and with it a lot of the early pics.

2nd Mod run:
All Pro Bumpers front and rear
All Pro Sliders
Small light hoop to hold the IPF's

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Hey pilgrim, just like John Wayne would say it. There is another horse for sale. Brian called me today on this.

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