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Polishing a shiny turd

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Current Mileage: 190k

Future plans (am i getting ahead off myself?)
√ Replace all fluids with synthetic
√ Gas/water can carrier
√ Long travel
√ Cam tab, shock tower
Engine mount gussett
Trans cooler

√ Amazonbasics/KIRKLAND full synthetic high mileage 5w-30
OEM oil cooler mod
Derale 13249 power steering cooler with PSC reservoir
√ Magnuson supercharger
√ URD Ucon
√ Denso VKH22 Super Tough Iridium
√ Ripp coil plugs
√ Wix air filter

√ Wheels: Titan T-AK1 17x8.5 -8
√ Tires: bfg km3 39x13.5 r17
√ JD fab lower pivot kit
√ Locked off-road hydraulic bump front
√ Wheelers bumpstops rear
√ King 2.5x8 LT coilovers with CSS rear springs +.5" 205 lb-in
√ ZerosFJ coilover covers
√ JD Fabrication Long Travel +4
√ Whiteline adjustable panhard
√ 2" Bulletproof Offroad hubcentric wheel spacers (rear)
√ RR Racing--Wilwood Aero6 DS 6 piston calipers with BP-20 pads
√ EBC slotted rotors (front)
√ Centric Stoptech pads (rear)
√ Centric Premium rotors 120.44128
Addco 2301 7/8" rear sway bar
Centric Brake shoes

√ Recaro Expert/Sparco side brackets/Planted base mount
√ Sparco 350mm rally wheel/NRG slim mount hub/10mm spacer
√ RAM mount tab holder
√ Joying 8" android head unit
√ 2.5 lb Halon fire extinguisher (driverside mount)
√ 2.5 lb All purpose fire extinguisher (trunk mount)
√ OEM JL subwoofer
√ ARB twin air compressor to 3 gallon air tank
√ RTIC 45qt cooler

√ Factory fender removal
√ Trailer Products front fenders/McNeil Racing rear fenders
√ Scuba Mod
√ Billy Drake prerunner bumper
√ Philips h4 ultinon led
√ 4x Baja Designs LP4

√ BudBuilt skids to custom tuck
√ RCI gas tank skid
√ Iconic fab charcoal canister skid
Amp Research power steps

Bluetooth adapter
Coverking seat covers
Demello sliders
RCI skids
9" round led
Rocksteady aluminum skids
16x8 -25 wheels
315/75R16 Goodyear Duratrac
Toyman gussetted spindle
Allpro UCA
EBC Green Stuff 7000 pads (front)
EBC slotted rotors (front)
Method Roost 17x8.5
7" Lightforce HID driving lamps
Sparco Pro 2k

Tire Sky Wheel Grille Vehicle




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Nice vid!

I meant to ask, how’s the sound difference with your JBA headers versus stock? Has the loudness inside the truck increased significantly, how difficult was it fitting the cats to the headers? Any CELs?
Unfortunately I don't have to an apples to apples comparison. I tried out a 3" flow master turn down exhaust but soon after I made my AFE 2.5 exhaust into a turn down at this time and swapped back to smaller diameter piping. At idle rpm there is no noticeable difference. There's more throaty/raspiness on revving and WOT. Noticeable in cab? About the same as before. I think what changed the exhaust tone and loudness was the piping diameter and muffler design. Fwiw, I'll be going back to 3" after I weld on an additional resonator.

I found these JBAs locally with GM cat converters welded on. Installation would be time consuming test fitting several times and tacking the connections in place but I feel confident that I could do it myself with the amount of space available. No CELs related to the header install. Though what I do know now about catalytic converters, there's no way to avoid properly warming up before romping on it. You will get CEL without consideration to warm up times unless you disable the converters completely.
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Red Bullet VVTI Solenoids

10mm socket/rachet/extension
Flat head or wedge

1. Uninstall airbox
2. Uninstall throttle body
3. Remove cam phase and VVTI solenoid harnesses (whichever are in the way for you
4. Use screwdriver to help wedge the solenoid out of the timing cover. Remember the solenoids come out straight, not tug on it laterally.
5. Remove and replace.

I'm not too concerned with numbers but moreso that there's an improvement in driveability. The solenoids appear very high quality and ideas behind it being a more aggressive profile solenoid than a OEM.

Somehow the drive feels smoother. It's possible that it's a placebo effect. Acceleration improvement feels noticeable. Remembering that these are VVTi solenoids so they do effect the VVTI operation. After replacement, the powertrain addition feels positive and any wear and tear should be replaced and hopefully going strong for another 200k as the old ones.

Shrink-wrapped and clean
Engineering Metal Machine Cylinder Fashion accessory

Stock and Red Bullet. The ports look machined and beveled a smidge more than stock.
Trigger Engineering Auto part Machine Metal

Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive exterior Gas Auto part

Here's a Dyno of baseline plus gain of another user's 1GR. (Borrowed from TW)
Rectangle Human body Slope Plot Font

World Font Art Parallel Slope

Rarely do I get to hear WOT from outside the cabin. One of the local Tacoma guys was nice enough to get this. Enjoy!
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How much did the cost and how long did it take to get them? I’ve been on the fence as to their value and performance, so I’m looking forward to your feedback moving forward.
James i`ve always been curious. What is your mpg with those monster tires? Mine is bad with 285`s :)
James i`ve always been curious. What is your mpg with those monster tires? Mine is bad with 285`s :)
Snapshot of the past couple. 15mpg was on my trip to Soda Lake. Most mixed driving has been 11-12 most weeks.
Brown Font Screenshot Software Technology
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Hang on, am I to understand that these solenoids alone give ~+20HP and ~+10tq at high RPM?
Hang on, am I to understand that these solenoids alone give ~+20HP and ~+10tq at high RPM?
I think you're reading too far into it. There's an increase from baseline to adding the solenoids but it's not that much. Also you switched the numbers for hp/tq. This 1GR was already modded so usually mods in addition to current power adders may tend to see some more slight improvements for example an engine that breathes more freely due to an improved intake or supercharged motors that show the TQ band in a linear fashion as it does on the base run of this Dyno.

Here's the description from TW:
Real World TW Member Dyno Test (not marketing fluff): 2008 Tacoma V6 Supercharged
".........the dyno testing was performed with the Red Bullet solenoids tested first (baseline). And then a break in action to R/R to the stock Toyota solenoids (~25 mins) before performing two dyno pulls with the stock toyota solenoids. The BLUE and RED dyno pulls (curves) would be the most accurate in comparison since both runs were performed under a normal operating temperature range. The peak HP and TQ numbers don't matter as much as the delta between those numbers in each pull."

Stock Solenoid: (HP/TQ) (Engine Coolant Temp and Intake Air Temp)
BLUE CURVE : 283.68hp / 273.50tq (ECT 169F and IAT 68F)

Red Bullet VVT-i solenoid:
RED CURVE : 289.73hp / 286.87tq (ECT 174F and IAT 73F)"
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Hmm, thank you for clarifying. I do have a supercharged 1GRFE though, so...

If they do end up improving MPG, I'd think that a double-digit performance boost on top of that plus the "improved drivability" would make a strong case for the Red Bullets.
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Snapshot of the past couple. 15mpg was on my trip to Soda Lake. Most mixed driving has been 11-12 most weeks.
View attachment 1228887
What app is that?
Ah… I thought it might be that one. Is it still working well for you? I’ve noticed a lot of negative comments in the App Store reviews as of late.
Ah… I thought it might be that one. Is it still working well for you? I’ve noticed a lot of negative comments in the App Store reviews as of late.
Had it for a couple years. Works great for a free app but I don't see any reason to complain. I don't use much other than the fuel log for amounts and mileage so I can know how much I'm spending and getting. Maybe if you use the other features, it might be more cumbersome but the mpg fuel up portion is fine. Really I could just log it in a spreadsheet but I often get lazy so the sooner the better.
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Just downloaded Fuelie, giving it a try. Manual logging didn't work for me either.
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Yeah, I’m going to download it too. I just cleaned out my throttlebody and mass airflow sensor a couple of weeks ago… and I’m now on the precipice of getting a rooftop tent installed, along with an awning… They’re both super heavy (340lbs total), and I expect my gas mileage to plummet. Want to get some readings before I have them installed.

Full disclosure: I’m still on the fence about whether I’m actually going to do this.
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