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I found this rumor of a possible FJC appearance at an event in Texas and thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to spread information of this type.

This is from from Toyota Trail Riders, which is affiliated with the Toyota LandCruisers Association. The Lonestar Jamboree is annual event which will be held this year on January 19-22 near Gilmer, Texas. I'm not a member and probably won't be able to attend but if there are others in this forum that can it might be a great chance to see the FJC in action. And since Toyota has said it is marketing through word of mouth of enthusiasts, this may well be our best way of getting more information about the product. It sure isn't through

So are there any other rumors of FJC appearances at local events?

P.S. This probably belongs in the FJC News Section but I apprently don't have sufficient rights to start a thread there.
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