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This forum only supports group buys from our supporting vendors. In order to cut down on clutter in this forum, threads may only be started from either supporting vendors or from moderators moving them into this forum.

A group buy is:
1) A deal below regular price.
2) Has a definite minimum order quantity (above 1) which must be met.
3) Has a definite end, either in quantity or by date. If your group buy has ended, please close the thread.

A sale is not a group buy. Sale threads should be posted in your own vendor forum.

Users are welcome to start group buy threads outside of this forum (make sure to put “Group Buy” in the title) but must go through a forum vendor to sponsor it per this site rule:

10. Group Buy Policy: Users are allowed to conduct group buys through supporting vendors only. Direct to manufacturer group buys are not permitted unless the manufacturer is also a supporting vendor.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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