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High pressure is fine just make sure not to hit vital parts...electrical wires etc.. full blast wipe down what you time clean it up before it gets caked on there!
same here. I would look and see where a lot of the electrical junctions are. I would try and avoid spraying high pressure directly into those areas though.
Jake and Layonn said it best,

I've pressure blasted every vehicle I've owned since I got my first '77 CJ-5. I believe it's much better to have a clean engine than a fear of getting it wet. A clean engine will let you notice anything out of the ordinary quicker and will be much more pleasant to work on if necessary.

I've put baggies over the alternator before on the Range Rover and Mercedes, but not on any Toyotas I've owned. Don't be an idiot and try to blow the wiring harness connectors apart using the nozzle and you'll be fine.

I've never had a non-start after a pressure wash.

Let your heart guide you, I cannot vouch for your results......those are mine :)
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