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Power Steering Cooler Bracket Install HOW TO

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This guide details the very easy installation of my power steering cooler bracket kit that is available for purchase on my website here: Iconic Fabrication. For those who maneuver trailers, have additional weight, oversized tires, or demand more from their vehicles can really help reduce their temperatures and extend the life of the power steering pump and steering rack with an additional cooler. This is very cheap insurance!

My bracket fits the Hayden 676 (non bypass) and Hayden 696 (bypass) coolers. The Hayden 696 is the same as the 676 but it has an internal thermal bypass that bypasses the cooler until the fluid gets up to operating temperature, recommended for colder climates.

All you need is basic hand tools and at least 1 quart of automatic transmission fluid which is what Toyota specifies for the power steering system (Toyota WS or Valvoline Max Life recommended).

1) Remove the grill. There are two bolts and two pins at the marked locations. Yank the grill forward and it will easily pop off.
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2) Install the cooler and bracket using the supplied fasteners as shown. Install the supplied edge trim to the hole in the radiator support that you are passing the hoses through.
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3) Remove the short power steering hose that goes from the bottom of the power steering reservoir down to the power steering pump. As shown below, use the new supplied 3/8" hose from the kit to connect from the power steering pump to the top of the cooler. Then run the hose from the bottom of the cooler back to the reservoir.
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4) Top off the reservoir with fluid. Turn the engine on and turn the steering wheel all the way any direction. Go back to the reservoir and top if off again. Repeat as necessary until the level no longer changes. Easy as that!
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Unless specified by the manufacturer for some reason, you should never use any kind of thread sealant on AN fittings since they rely on the taper to seal. It's also a better idea to mock up your hose ends to get the hose length right, assemble the ends to the hoses, and then tighten the hose ends to the male fittings.

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Unless specified
Why are you trying to educate on the wrong type of fitting? This isn't a -AN fitting used on his kit. They are press-on hoses to a barb fitting. Are you some scammer?
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