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Over the weekend, I did a power steering fluid flush....has been meaning to do this since I flushed the transMission.

So here is what I did....

1) pump out the power steering fluid from the container
2) unplug the lower power steering fluid hose on the reservoir, this is the return.
3) quickly place a 3/8" vacuum cover over the fitting on the reservoir
4) use a 3/8 connecter to connect the outer power steering fluid hose to a clear rubber hose, I actually used a smal piece of copper tubing. Place the hose into a empty container to collect old fluid
5) add clean fluid into the container.
6) the steering will be a bit stiff but not overly difficult
7) turn the wheels from lock to lock. This will nearly empty the reservior
8) adding fluid as needed to the reservoir
9) doing to without the engine running will not induce air into the system
10) once you have flushed four quarts through the system it will be very clean
11) leave the level low on your last cycling of the wheels
12) remove the vacuum fitting cap and reattach the return hose to the reservoir
13) top the resiviorreservior to the lower line, recheck once you have started the engine, checked for leaks

Two quarts is all that is really needed. But my feeling we're since the fluid gets mixed to a certain degree, I wanted to ensure I geo all the old residual fliuid out.
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