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Since I (sorry, we, as in my wife and I) am in a holding pattern waiting for a VIN number, I decided to torture myself and put together my own pre delivery check list. While the dealer will do a PDI, I confess to being particularly , well, particular (aka. anal), about these sorts of things and there have been some issues that cropped up in discussion here that got me to thinking of doing a formal list.

So, here it is for others to add to or use as they see fit. The items on this list are related to what we've ordered so some items may not apply to everyone and the list may be incomplete for others. While in the vast majority of cases the dealers PDI is typically very good to excellent, there's nothing like taking time to carefully look things over for one's self before driving it off the lot :) It just removes any ambiguity as to when, what be a minor but frustrating thing, occurred which is clearly warranty work.

I tend to believe that the more thorough the review on site, the better is it for both the customer and the dealer. I did a similar check list for my motorcycle delivery, albeit it was much smaller :) Some of this list is painfully obvious but it's included for completeness since I find it too easy to get caught up in the new vehicle moment...

The list Follows: Cheers

Pre-Delivery Customer Check List:

Exterior Inspection
  1. Tire pressure to spec including spare (see inside door panel for pressure recommendations)
  2. Detailed body review for scratches, dents, and general appearance
    • check the roof (just ask 1_Bored_Clerk :eek: )
    • check rear bumper, particularly if trailer hitch was installed since it requires removal and reinstallation of the bumper. Is it correctly assembled / well fitted, no scratches or other marks.
    • painted interface between roof and body color (I have seen one where there was a noticeable botched tape job and the color did bleed)
    • check aluminum wheels for scratches or damage
    • check inside and outside of tire side walls for damage (even if they're going to be swapped/traded in)
    • remove spare and check for damage behind (also a great time to check if the jack, lug wrench and related kit is complete in the storage area)
    • check the under carriage for any obvious signs of damage
  3. Hood and doors all open, close and are seated correctly
    • check suicide doors: open smoothly and stay secure when open
    • check rear door: solid when grabbed from open most position.
    • check rear door: locking bracket on bottom in fact locks (to hold door open) and unlocks smoothly
  4. Rear window opens and latches securely
  5. Wiper Blades
    • front and rear blades are in good condition, no cuts or tears
    • front and rear washer work correctly
  6. Roof Rack fit and finish:
    • is solid and secure (give it a good pull!)
    • make sure all cross braces are tight (problem as reported by some in this forum)
    • do you need/have the bolt hole covers that were in place before the rack was installed?
  7. Rock Rails fit and finish:
    • are they solid/secure (again -- a good solid pull!)
    • are all the bolts secure (check by hand). The first bolt is typically installed loose to get the rail in position, it's an easy thing to forget to go back and tighten it.
  8. Electrical items:
    • backup Sonar working (are the wires connected in rear bumper as reported by many in this forum?)
    • headlights (high and low beam)
    • turn signals, hazard lights
    • wing mirror lights
    • brake lights
    • hitch wiring harness connected under rear bumper (may not be practical to check wiring w/lights on site but would be nice if possible or as soon as practical when off site)
    • all buttons on key fob for remote keyless entry work correctly
  9. Fluids:
    • oil level ok
    • washer fluid level ok
    • radiator overflow level ok
    • brake fluid level ok
    • full tank of gas (done as part of interior inspection)
Interior Inspection
  1. Power mirrors work correctly
  2. Floor mat anchors: 4 per each front floor mat (may be in glove box as reported by some in this forum)
  3. Heating/Cooling Controls:
    • All vents open/close/adjust correctly
    • All controls and settings work at all speed/settings
  4. Center Instrument Cluster:
    • Clock set
    • Compass set / calibrated (was not calibrated by dealer as reported by some in this forum)
  5. check for high pitched sound coming from below glove box (a problem reported by some in this forum)
  6. rear 110v plug
    • test with a cell phone charger, multi-meter, whatever is practical
    • does main on/off switch work correctly
  7. Accessory Power Supply working in front dash
  8. Sound System
    • does accessory audio plug work (try that iPod or similar)
    • all speakers working, check with balance controls at same time
    • steering wheel audio controls working
    • CD player accepts, plays, ejects 6 CD's (with upgraded stereo)
  9. All cabin and dash lights working correctly
  10. General fit and finish of dash, upholstery, glove box, etc.
  11. Owner's manual complete and in the glove box
  12. Rear Seats:
    • head rests on rear seats remove/replace smoothly
    • seats fold down and return/latch correctly
    • rear d-ring lash down points are solid/secure
  13. hand brake adjusted correctly (aka. parking or emergency brake)
  14. on MT: any roll back on grade if hand brake not set and vehicle in Reverse or 1st gear (that one's for you Air and JG -- it's an easy thing to check on most lots. It may not mean/be anything but at least it'll allow folks to fill in the survey here in forum accurately)
  15. lash down d-rings in cargo area solid and secure
General/Wrap up
  1. Overall interior and exterior are clean and reasonably detailed
  2. thank the dealer for the free FJ Cruiser that came with your +US$30K FJ Baseball cap you purchased in the accessory department just moments ago :D
  3. if the deal was good/friendly get a hand full of business cards from the sales guy and write your name on them. You'll be ready with the referral when you stopped to play 20 questions with all the looky-loo's and might get a few bucks out of the deal :)
  4. wrap up the paper work -- shake hands. Turn the stereo off, do a quick trip in the dealers neighborhood to check for any last minute squeaks, rattles, etc.
  5. crank the stereo, head for the nearest tire shop and get the rubber and/or wheels swapped out for something decent
  6. when it's convenient -- check the cruise control (maybe on the drive home?)
  7. head for the hills as soon as practical, check the transfer case 4L, LL for smooth operation and general function -- smile 'cos you're having fun
  8. and don't forget the camera! :D

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Great list, I think I will use it..if you dont mind :)
God the wait is killing me for my FJ, I could have one any day....but you never know.

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This is awesome!! I want to cry...almost..not really. I'll have mine delivered between the 19 and 23rd of may, acording to dealer. I'll print the list...Thanks!!
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