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price to have JBA headers installed

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I just had a 40 series flowmaster with dual outlets installed and am thinking about adding some jba headers to the mix (no Dt's thanks to CARB). Anyone have a ballpark figure on what it would cost to have them installed? Doing it myself isn't an option as I suck under the hood, and my FJ usually runs in fear when I pick up any kind of tool.
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I didn't do this install myself either becuase I don't know how to weld yet. It requires some minor welding to attach the Cat or whatever it is to the collector tube. I had the dealer do the install, but I don't recommend this unless you know the tech is good. Luckily, the headers are the only thing the dealer did that they didn't screw up. I paid $200 to get them installed. Go to a good muffler/exhaust shop and get it done. Also, call URD for installation advice as there are correct and incorrect ways to install these. Good luck and enjoy!
Paid the same. If you do a forum search, you'll find all the info you need.
$200 installed!? WOW!

When i wanted them way back when, i couldn't get a quote for under $500.
Yeah, I think the service manager didn't know what he was getting into until it was too late. That was the estimate they gave me in writing, so that is all I paid! Tough luck for them. It is little consolation considering they cost me over 2 grand to fix all the crap they screwed up. I am amazed they got the headers right.
Just get some long tube headers, then you wouldn't have to do any any least you'll still have a pair of cats.:bandit:
Not everyone can switch them back out so easily when it comes time for inspection.

And I think 200.00 was reasonable to both parties. My Cat back was another 150.00
you know, I'm actually glad the service department screwed up almost everything they did for me. That shoddy work provided the impetus for me to learn to do my own work and installations. I really... REALLY enjoy working on my truck now and learning all these new things. The only time she goes into the shop now is when there is something that requires special tools or knowledge..... and then, I'm very careful about who I let touch my rig. All other work is now done in my or Excrement's driveway, thanks to the crappy tech that damaged my ride. I guess it is one of those glass half full or half empty situations.
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