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I just picked an ARB bumper for my 08 FJ. Used, great condition. Previous owner got hit, bumper was removed before it went to bodyshop, no damage to bumper, but also no mounting hardware, plates, brackets, nut, bolts etc... I only got the bumper, smoking deal. Bumper has an ARB sticker inside with a part# of 3420100 for an 07 & up FJ

Questions are:

1. Can I buy just a fit kit for this bumper which contains everything I need to mount? and where? for a reasonable price?

2. The bumper also does not have any housing/insert for the two big holes where the turn signals and foglights go. Does ARB sell this bumper with and without this housing/insert? Or is this the optional foglight kit ARB sells? Again, where can I get this? for a reasonable price? If this is the optional foglight kit, does it come with foglights, or can I get this part just to fill the hole with the turn signals?

Thanks everyone :cheers:
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