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I know there are threads explaining ATRAC/RRDiff. My question is they all say to use the diff. lock in 4lo at really low speeds. So I watching a vid. on here of a run out in Moab i think it was. The guy driving was new so the guide was telling him how to get up a hill. No mud just dirt some ruts/rock. He said put it in 4, hit the diff/lock, get a little speed and something about the guy on the top telling him to bump the front to up over the lip. So if i'm against a hill and get halfway up and start spinning do I :hit the ATRAC and get a faster speed at it, or use the diff lock and get a better running start??
I have an 07, 4wd,automatic,with ATRAC and RRDiff buttons.
A couple months ago we got a lot of rain here in Vegas. I was about to go into a big mud pit so i put it in 4h, hit the atrac and dropped into the pit from a little hill. Around the middle of the pit i started getting just a little sideways so i hit the gas a little and it pulled me straight and right out. Sound like I handled that right? or what would you do. Just looking to get these techniques right.
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