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That's not true, edadis. Initially, the price will be above window, with the low supply, but the marketing people know they have to place it within striking distance of enthusiasts, relative to other class entries from Nissan, Jeep, etc. Toyota always has a primium attatched, because of the preceived Toyo quality, but in this instance they also have to watch for cannibalism of 4runner and other lines. Don't forget, they're marketing this to "younger white guys", so they have to be aware of what that demographic can afford. But I think they're going to be surprised when most of the buyers turn out to be guys in their 40's (like me)... Just like Honda when they couldn't give the Element away to its target demo, 20-somethings, and instead sold (and still sell) most of 'em to middle-aged women.

And of course all the options and features are set for now -- but they ain't set for next year when the prices will be lower! So with lots of pressure from the people who will be buying the next production run, who knows what we can get....? Front and rear lockers? 2" lift options? ... Factory winch that can be removed and placed in a rear receiver... Just dreaming.

I really expect ~ 33K for a top loaded 4x4, perhaps more if that includes a Nav system... If they're lower, I'll be happy as a clam at high tide. Although, as someone elsewhere on this forum pointed out... I can get a fully remanufactured FJ for 30K that would only hold its value, or increase, and be a kick-ass vehicle to boot.

Spikey. :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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