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I've had my second FJ for 7 months now and for the past month, I have been taken care of some issues I discovered that was the result of an inexperienced/lazy DIYer who previously owned the rig. Public service announcement please inspect your aftermarket accessories on a used vehicle to make sure they were done properly. Anyways I got the idea for quick detach doors from a youtuber that I cannot at the moment remember his name. He says in his video that all you need to do is cut the door pins and put in some 5/15 x2 1/4" clevis pins and you will have some quick detach doors. He makes a note to not destroy the bushing and that they will have some wobble. Well, some wobble was an understatement and 2 1/4" clevis pins didn't fit in my application either. He was working on a 07-09 and mine is a 10 so there might be a difference in the pins they put in the doors but I doubt it. My solution, because I couldn't backtrack at this point, was to drill out the holes for 3/8 x 2 3/4" pins. It turned out great, with hardly any door wobble. Pins with a flat point have a difficult time going back in the holes and lining things up but I found some tapered pins on ebay that were the right size and you could make some of your own with a grinding wheel. The pins themselves don't need a locking pin because they all go in pointing downwards. I chose to leave the hydraulic buffer in my door where I think the guy in the video had removed his, but it is held in by 1 10mm bolt.

1. I used a cherry picker to hold my door off to the side so I could easily line it back up for reinstallation. You can pick the doors up by yourself just make sure your window is rolled down throughout the installation process and when removing the doors when you are finished.

2. Just used a 3/8th drill bit, but reamed out the holes just a tiny bit more to make it easier to get the clevis pins in and out.

3. You don't have to remove the door hinges from the vehicle, just the ones connecting the door to the entire hinge assembly. Use an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel to cut the pins and half just do your best not to actually cut into the vehicle and be mindful of where the sparks are flying.

4. The door pins are studded on one side, but not the other so one half of each cut pin will be easier to get out than the other, I had to use channel locks and a mallet to get them free.

5. the 3/8 pins have next to no play. When you drill through the pinholes, don't worry about the bushing because it is too small for the new pins anyways. I highly recommend avoiding the 5/16 pins if you choose to do this mod you will be unhappy with the sloppiness in your door.

When I was doing this, I didn't think to take pictures for a write-up so I went and took these in my garage before I typed this up. I haven't driven around with the doors off yet because I don't have anywhere to secure them in my garage to keep them from falling over. I will post a pic when I do take them off so ya'll can see how they look.


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It looks like this. A few companies were making tube doors and some made their own. Some ran without the door or installed a cage and ran without both.

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Instead of modifying the hinges one could also simply remove the 4 bolts holding the door to the hinges. They are centering bolts so the door will always go on the same way and that way there'll be no risk of damaging the fragile bushings inside where the hinge pin goes.
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