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For those of you who are planning on changing the radio/audio head units in your FJ, here's a step-by-step removal process.

Here are the tools you need: a Philip's screwdriver, 10mm socket and a 8mm socket.

Remove the two screws at the bottom of the silver sides.

Pop out the sides.

You will now expose the two screws on the face plate that need to be removed.

Remove them with the screwdriver.

Pop out the face plate.

Next, remove the four 10mm screws holding the head unit in.

Then with an 8mm socket, remove the brackets on the side of the head unit.

This step is only needed if you are going to reuse the stock brackets. You may need to buy another bracket system to install the new head unit.

Next, unplug the head unit from the wire harness and remove the head unit from the FJ. There are snap pins you will need to push on the bottom of the harness plugs.

Install new head unit in the reverse order . . . . and wala!! :)
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