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Just a few photos showing what's under the dash, just above the factory head unit. If you want a RAM Mount solution there it's possible. Thought someone else might find it valuable. I couldn't find anyone who did this before. It's a little off the beaten path to drill into the top of the dash. Hope you find it worthwhile to look at.

Image 1 The steel hardware is going through the top of the dash, the center wire going left powers the clock. It's possible to drill through wire, but not if you're actively moving it out of the way when it's close to the bit.

Image 2 It's an easy job overall. I thought it would be best to have access to the area under the dash, again to avoid damaging wires.

Image 3 View of the Ram Mount from the top showing #10 Screws. Could not find the screws on the RAM Mount website. I found various stuff...their hardware choices are limited. But my application was custom. They sell a kit for the Jeep but it mounts onto a metal's where I got the idea. And it pretty much works. There is no metal or anything rigid in this location, and it has some flex when pressure is applied with the mount and an iPad Pro. But it's stable during normal driving, and moves some on hard bumps and articulation, but only moves some.

Image 4 Assembled with RAM Mount kits and shown without the iPad. Using it for Gaia Maps on the largest screen available. 12.9 Inch iPad Pro. Tricky to find the best spot. Also using with a DUEL GPS receiver. Total kit with GPS was $235. The plan is to add a front WIFI camera that's will display on the iPad as well to aid in finding the lines on the trail.

There is no end to plans for future upgrades. Just watching the weight after Smittybilt Winch Bar, ARB Rock Rails, Bilstein 5100's front and back set to 2 inch lift, Smittybilt 9500lb winch XR2, New TRD Wheels, Optima Red Top, Rotpax Roof Mount solution with two 3 Gallon Tanks, ARB Recovery Kit — it's been a lot of work in the garage, and not an easy time.

Getting ready for a trip to Moab.

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