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Presently living in the NT but heading south for the summer and hoping to purchase a new warn rear bumper, some type of aftermarket (real) skids and rock sliders. Has anyone found a canadian supplier for these. for sliders. Don't know of any other Canadian slider companies...

Personally brought up the All-Pro's.

I would order the skids from BudBuilt and have them shipped wherever you are going. No Canadian skid manufacturers at the top of my head. If you want REAL skids get Buds, just my opinion. There are also All-Pro's and Man-a-fre, plus you could consider the Rasta's.

National 4WD, North Shore Offroad, Lordco, should all carry Warn products.

Good luck. Canada is not like the US for pricing and availability unfortunately.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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