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?Rear Cargo Load Deck?

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So, I was loading and unloading strollers and bags into the back of the FJ today in the Disney Land parking garage and though to myself that it would be great to have a slide out tray or load deck. I have tried the search and have found some great looking storage ideas but with my two girls and their double stroller I would like to keep my vertical clearance. I was thinking of keeping the roll out tray the same size as the carpet in the back but making the sliders it sits on full size. I guess what I am getting at is has any one has done this yet and if so can I see some pictures or plans?

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I have thought about that also....I have a full size sport wheelchair that only weighs 18lbs so its not a necessity since the chaiir takes up the entire cargo area......But as i was contimplating it I was thinking about the locking hinge hardware(extendable black bar) and that you would have to make sure your drawer hardware didn't interfere with it once you extended your drawer......

Interesting idea though. You would think something like that would have already been developed by the companies that make them for truck beds...
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