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?Rear Cargo Load Deck?

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So, I was loading and unloading strollers and bags into the back of the FJ today in the Disney Land parking garage and though to myself that it would be great to have a slide out tray or load deck. I have tried the search and have found some great looking storage ideas but with my two girls and their double stroller I would like to keep my vertical clearance. I was thinking of keeping the roll out tray the same size as the carpet in the back but making the sliders it sits on full size. I guess what I am getting at is has any one has done this yet and if so can I see some pictures or plans?

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Thanks for the replies guys. You would think with all of the sport utility trucks that the police and fire rescue use they would have a slider/ load deck already made for something like this. I guess I will have to see what I can muster up. I forgot about the pneumatic door strut....Well, I'll do some more googling and see what I can fab up.

Thanks again.
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