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Here was my solution to add storage to the rear door. Did it a few years ago. I'm in IT, so I ended up using some server panels, and mounted them with some wing nuts so I could take the panels off if I needed to without taking the rear door apart. The slots in the server panels ended up being a little too narrow for the buttons on the molle pouches, so I took a Dremel and did some cutting where the straps went through. It was an inexpensive way to mod the rear door.

I'm planning on upgrading eventually to the Rear Door Folding Molle Rack by Spring Tail Solutions, because it would be nice to have a table as well, but I'm in no rush to fork out the cash for that. This option gives me plenty of room to store medical items, bungee cords, ratchet straps, and extra wiring parts from my recent ARB Compressor install.
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