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Hi Everyone.

Ive been searching the forums for installing the rear fog lights which are a requirement for MOT (ITV in Spanish). Im tacking my FJ cruiser with me back to Spain after finishing my contract in Qatar. Luckily we have the Japanese version here, so all lights I think are the correct colour. Except the rear fog lights, which are non existant.

Ive searched the forum for installing something similar to what glacier1 had installed. But havent actually found anything like it.
Rear Fog Lights

I wanted to give it a shot, though Im no expert, I can install PC components quite well. But Im not a MOD builder, so I need kits to get me started.

So I thought of getting the front fog lights, as that would be the base of this project.

Im thinking of getting:
PIAA Fog Light Kit for FJ Cruiser
Toyota Auxiliary Light Switch (Probably 2, one for front one for rear, though I ve seen one for the rear roof, which if I turn upside down could look like rear bumber)

Im unsure of actually how to run the cables to the rear of the car.

Here is instructions on how to run the cable from batteryto connectin and then to roof, its for roof head lights, mine will go in the front bumper.Roof Rack Lights

I found this wiring diagram:Here

A specific FJ Cruiser on here: Here

I need to request the parts from the US, so I think they will take around 2 weeks to get here. I use a Service, were deliveries are sent to a US address and then flown out here. I want to order everything I need, as Im running out of time... leaving at the beggining of October, dates not confirmed.

So if I could get a little help it would be great.
  1. I suppose the front fog lights wont need anything apart from zip locks, as they come as a Kit.
  2. Will I need any additional relays to install the rear fog light (I will want them on only when lights driving lights are on)
  3. Which cable gauge would I need and what length, for the rear light?
  4. I still dont have a rear fog light, any one have suggestios.
  5. How do I run the cables from front to rear? Can use the standard cable conduits for the rear lights?
  6. How do I hold the lights to the rear bumper? Can I get a rear light bracket?
  7. Will I need any additional relays to install the rear fog light (I will want them on only when lights driving lights are on)
If I got in trouble, there are loads of car garages but they are really crappy quality, and I want to make sure its top notch looking.

PS: I want to drill as few holes as possible, none would be best!

Is this Post too long?


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I give you my experience with my FJ imported from Miami and what s happem with the ITV in Cadiz. Just change the white bulble of rear back light in the left and put a red LED light with wire with a buton on the dash. You are OK because in Spain you need onlty one rear white light. It was ok for my FJ.
If you have an rear US ball to track or the original under the rear bumper, it will not be accepted, and you will must by one in spain with a homologation (around 950 Euros). Also, take care of the fog lights, i put both under the front light grille, thay don t accept. They must be in a zone of 40/50 cm from outside the body...

Hope helps you.
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