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Sorry if this needs to be be moved, but until I do my FULL writeup (which will be, I assure everyone, massive and full of pics on all SORTS of subjects), I figured this would be the ok place to post this. Mods, feel free to toss it 'round if neded.

1 - So, after endless sketching, some work on drawer building, measuring,
etc., I've decided to simply go the easy route: Tuffy drawer for the back;
will arrive Thursday.

2 - With recovery and some survival/electronics/tools and whatnot in the
tuffy, I need someplace to put a) my Engel fridge when it's not mouted
on my Tentrax trailer, and b) my big Pelican case full of photo/video gear
and still have room for at least two tripods and such.

3 - Rather than removing ALL of the back seats, I am thinking of just taking
the bottom cushions. This will leave the rear tie-down straps on the back
of the rear seats for securing stuff on top of the Tuffy drawer, but will
also free up enough room (I *think*) being the front seats to place the
video/photo gear and Engel.

4 - It may also allow me to place a second battery being the center console,
on the floor, tied down and connected wth my Hellroaring isolator.

5 - I've read great descrptions of usig this space creatively with seats
removed, but since I'm not removing the 'back' part of the back seats,
I'm wondering what, if anyone, can tell me about pitfalls (wait a
minute...who *seriously* falls into pits anymore? Since Vietnam,
anyway?), advice, etc.

6 - Essentially, I want to make a very low, but flat platform where the old
bottom cushions used to be, with a stash space underneat it behind the
rear seats (where tripods, snow wipers, etc. are generally stuck.). This
will perhaps alow me to keep the HAM radio underneath there, while
keeping its deachable faceplate on the dash as desired. It will also allow
me to route power to the rear of the vehicle without going to the
underside of the rig, which would be VERY much a good thing, since I'm
running 0/1 AWG to the rear for various reaons which I'll get into in the
final writeup for various reasons.


Comments, ideas, insults, etc?

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I'm going to be doing something close to what you are, I'm removing the rear seat, then building a equipment box which will house my on board VIAIR system and some tools, but I plan on leaving towards the front of the box "Open to fit an Engle in that area right behind the passenger seat. By having it behind the passenger seat, it allows me as the driver to reach over and get what I need out of the fridge. I'll be watching this thread to see how you end up doing it.

By the way, I moved it to Interior/ Exterior :)

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