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Recently bought a 2007 FJ

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Hi all!

I graduated highschool a year ago and for graduation I got a 2007 2WD FJ. After getting this car I see them everywhere. I'm not a very car savvy person. My FJ has a LSD and also some Differential Lock button and I have absolutely no idea what they do and was wondering if I could get some clarification. Also I noticed FJs are very customizable cars and I just was curious as to somethings i should look into to add to my FJ and also how restricted I am as to off roading considering it is only 2WD.

Thanks all!
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You have a locking rear diff, or the AUTO LSD (Limited Slip Diff.) button? They are different. A locking differential will mechanically lock both wheels so they rotate at the same RPM. The Auto LSD uses the brakes to stop a wheel that is slipping so that the power goes to the wheel with traction.

A 2wd isn't going to be anything you want to go rock crawling with, but you can have plenty of fun with it. I had a 2003 Tacoma TRD Prerunner for a while and had a lot of fun off road with it. The locker in that was nice to have on a couple occasions.

From what I have read, the auto LSD does a decent job with the 4x2 FJs too. I haven't had a chance to test it out all that much yet.
Welcome to the club.

If you are not doing rock crawling or something hard, 4x2 FJ is good enough for guy like me who like camping, visiting remote villages and etc. The most important is FJ gives you a special feeling that other cannot.

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