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Just wanted to make a quick reco for all my fellow Colorado Springs FJ'ers! I have been looking for a custom shop that was experienced working on the FJ's, and I finally found a good one.

It's a father & son operation located on Fillmore, and it's run by a guy named Bill who is one hell of a nice old guy. I took my FJ there today to have the prodigy electric brake controller installed, and they banged it out very professional in about 2 hours.

I was asking him if I needed a weight distributing hitch to pull my camper, and so he offered to let me bring my trailer by his shop so he could look at it. He looked it over and came to the conclusion I don't need one at this time (Saved me $300 bucks!)... If I did need one though, they offered to hook it all up for me, level my trailer, and make sure I understood how to work it before leaving.

If you need anything from lifts, to tranny coolers, to towing packages, or brakes or whatever -- be sure to give them a look - I'll definitely use them again for my next mod/upgrade!:

KC Truck Performance Center
405 W Fillmore St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
[email protected]
719) 577-9605
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