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Speed bumps and Curbs Beware!

Reign was born of a passion. This thing we do, we embrace, we love. Spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors, camping, wheeling, laughing and enjoying what mother earth has provided us and what so many take for granted. Reign is here, Reign is now. Work Hard|Play Hard

When Kamsa (my wife's alias) and myself decided to purchase a new vehicle , we had a few goals in mind.
  1. Dependability
  2. Offroading
  3. Camping
  4. Towing
  5. Comfort

We struggled over going Jeep or Toyota but after many test drives, tons of research, we decided on the FJ Cruiser. The list above is our guiding star in the build process of Reign.

We wanted something we could travel in comfortably, tow our Seadoo, have a history of dependability, and be the "right" vehicle for camping and offroading of all kinds.

Reign is equipped as a hybrid of sorts - able to tackle each challenge and environment we decide to throw at her. Like many others have stated as well, she is also equipped to bring us home once those challenges have been conquered.

This is the stock FJ at the Toyota Dealership minutes before my lovely wife took Reign on her ride home.

We bought Reign on July 27, 2010 as a reward/encouragement to ourselves to keep us out doors instead of in-front of TV/Computers.

Stock FJ towing our 2010 Seadoo 260 GTX Limited IS

Reign all dressed up

Let the building begin!


Edited/Updated Mod List
*Current January 23rd, 2011*

We will be using this post to add/remove mods as the come and go on Reign.

2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
Fresco Silver
Offroad Package
Convenience Package
Roof Rack

  • Expedition One Trail Series, Single Hoop - Front Bumper
  • Expedition One Trail Series with Tire Swing Carrier - Rear Bumper
  • Expedition One Spacer Armor Plate - Black
  • Bud Built Front Skidplate - Fire Engine Red
  • Bud Built Middle Skidplate - Fire Engine Red
  • Bud Built Transmission & Transfer Case Skidplate - Fire Engine Red
  • Bud Built Rear Crossmember - Fire Engine Red
  • Bud Built Fuel Tank Skidplate - Fire Engine Red
  • Expedition One Rocker Sliders

  • Dick Cepek DC2 16x10 Rims 4.50 Offset
  • Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ - 285/70R16
  • Body Chop Done by Atomic 4x4 - Cut, Capped and Painted
  • Icon Remote Reservoir Extended Travel Coil-over Shock Kit
  • Icon Billet Upper Control Arm Kit
  • Icon VS Series Rear PiggyBack Reservoir Shocks
  • Icon 2" Lift Rear Coil-spring Kit
  • Icon Billet Aluminum Upper Rear Trailing Arm Kit
  • Icon Billet Aluminum Lower Rear Trailing Arm Kit
  • Icon Adjustable Pan Hard Bar
  • Icon 2010 Relocation bracket for swaybar
  • Gorilla Lugs

  • Custom 3 inch exhaust
  • TRD Cold Air Intake

  • Garmin Oregon 500t
  • Bushwacker Fenderflares
  • Baja Rack OEM Drop in Rack
  • Custom Built Rear Camera Mod in stock location
  • Man-A-Fre Auxillery (22 gal.) fuel tank
    --Providing a total capacity of 43 gallons
  • Scanguage 2
  • Expedition One Quick Release Hitch System
  • Dirty Parts Auxiliary Battery Kit
  • Aux. PC1500 ODYSSEY Battery
  • Blue Sea 12 Circuit Fuse Block
  • sPOD (6 switch foundation to add aux accessories)
  • Expedition One Bottle Washer
  • ARB 50qt Fridge/Freezer
  • ARB Slide out tray for Fridge/Freezer
  • ARB Transit Bag
  • Passenger-side arm rest
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • ARB Safari Snorkel

  • SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker
  • Cobra 75 wx st
  • Firestik 3' antenna
  • Firestik heavy duty spring
  • Firestik Quick Disconnect
  • Bandi Mount
  • Cobra External Speaker

  • Airflow Headlight Covers - Smoked
  • Rigid Industries 20" LED Flood/Spot Combo
  • Rigid Industries 10" LED Flood
  • Rigid Industries 10" LED Flood
  • Rigid Industries LED Light Bar Bracket for OEM rack
  • PIAA x2 Driving Lights (mounted in the Expedition One Front Bumper)
  • Hella x2 Flood Lights (mounted in the Expedition One Rear Bumper)
  • Vision X Tantrum Rock Lights with custom fabricated brackets
  • APC Turn Signal Markers

  • Short Handle Shovel
  • Jumper Cables
  • JB Weld
  • Spool Parachute Cord
  • Roll of 100 MPH Tape

  • Fourtreks Shovel/Axe mount
  • Fourtreks HiLift Jack Mount
  • Fourtreks Fire Extinguisher mount
  • Springtail M-PAC rack and MOLLE gear (Custom Cut)
  • Springtail M-PAC Pet Barrier

  • Viair 450p constant duty compressor
  • Viair Air Gun/Deflator
  • ARB Tire Repair Kit

  • Superwinch epi9.0s Winch
  • Viking Synthetic Winch Line (80')
  • Expedition One Fairlead Roller
  • SuperWinch Snatchblock
  • 4 x 3/4 ton D-Rings
  • Hi-Lift Jack Extreme 60"
  • Hi-Lift Jack Base
  • Hi-Lift Jack handle keeper
  • Hi-Lift Neoprene boot

  • Basic Survival Kit
  • Knive(s)
  • Firearm(s)

    Head Unit
  • Kenwood DNX9980HD
  • CMOS-300 Backup Camera
  • KNA-EC100 external ODBII interface module
  • Kenwood KCA-iP302 NEW Video iPod Adapter
  • Kenword IP102 Adapter (Used for second iPod)

    Front Stage
  • Front Pillars - Finished
  • Front Door adaptors'
  • 3 way front stage 6.5"
  • Model - HSK 163

    Rear Stage
  • Rear Pods
  • 2 Way Comps 6 1/2
  • Model - HSK 165 XL

  • Magic Box passenger side dual 10"
  • FJ Badge
  • JL W3W3 10"
  • JL W3W3 10"

  • JL Audio HD600
  • JL Audio HD750

  • knukonceptz Flex Amp Kit - 4 gauge
  • knukonceptz Flex Amp Kit for 4 channel amp - 4 gauge
  • Knukonceptz Flex 1/0 Gauge (red) - 10 feet
  • Knukonceptz Flex 1/0 Gauge (black) - 5 feet
  • Knukonceptz Digital Distribution Block
  • Stinger Voltage Meeter

  • Edead 45 - 195 sq feet
  • Edead 80 - 130 sq feet
  • Edead v3 (Paint Deadening) - 2 quarts
  • Edead v4 Teklite - 235 sq feet

    Alarm System
  • Viper 5902
  • Programmable Voice Module
  • Glass Break Module
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Invisabeam Module
  • Backup Battery
  • Window Automation

I have had consistently good service from these
vendors and encourage you to consider them in
your build-ups.

DeMello Offroad
Springtail (MPAC)
Dirty Parts
Off Road Gears
Pandora Adventures
Expidition One
Wicked C.A.S.
[URL="]Elemental Designs[/URL]

ARB Fridge w/slide and custom cut Mpac Rack.

Icon Remote Resi and Upper Control Arm

Vision X Tantrum Rock Lights

Man-a-fre Aux tank, bud built skids, Exp-One Rear Bumper, Quick Release Hitch System allows me to keep my departure angles and still tow!

Expedition One bottle Washer

Cabin Gauge and Switch for the Aux Gas Tank

LED Light Bar! Super Sexy!

Scan Gauge 2 mounted up!

Custom Made camera location

sPOD and Dirty Parts Dual Battery Kit - keep it clean under the hood!

sPOD switches, Bluetooth Mic Mount, CB Plug in for the Cobra

Future Mods
Additional LED Lighting
Total Chaos Lower Control Arms
Icon Omega Bypass Shocks
Rear Differential Skid

Stuck in Sam Rayburn!

I love Texas!

Reign continues to build up following our guiding star listed in the beginning of the thread. If anyone has any questions at all about mods we have done, please feel free to PM and I'll do what I can to provide you expanded information! Reign is here, Reign is now.

Work Hard|Play Hard

Kamsa and Myself thank you for your time reading our thread :wave:

Myself and My Wife - Taken on New Years 2011 on what seemed to be the top of the world during a wheeling/camping trip to celebrate the new year! (Sorry for the quality!)

Special Thanks to Uphill - Sourcing his format I loosely borrowed!

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Very well done wraven.



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Very Nice!!:rocker:

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Interested on how you did your tantrum rock lights. I'm installing some soon and was wondering where you mounted the control box and such?

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Interested on how you did your tantrum rock lights. I'm installing some soon and was wondering where you mounted the control box and such?
Oh I have pictures for this one too!

The conjunction box that all the lights plug into was mounted in the dead space over the driver side fender under the hood.

The "brain" was mounted in the glove box, routed through the grommet on the passenger side and then across the firewall under the hood to the conjunction box.

The Custom brackets I made with a buddy. (We painted them afterwards)

Also - a quick tip - I didn't trust trying to splice into the wires, so I had a lot of excess wires that looked terrible under hood. I did an old show truck trick and bought a 2 dollar card catalog holder (black) cut out some holes and stored the excess wire in there. To-date not a single person has even noticed that isn't a mechanic/familiar with the FJ under the hood.

A shot of one of the pods mounted on the custom bracket

Let me know if you need shots of anything else!

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wow nice build so far. i think this is the fastest build up ive ever seen. a lot of work done in less than 6 months

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Very nice build and well-organized write-up. I especially like your recommended vendors section (nice and tidy all in one place). The front license plate in front of the MID is a nice touch. :bigthumb:

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Very nice build and well-organized write-up. I especially like your recommended vendors section (nice and tidy all in one place). The front license plate in front of the MID is a nice touch. :bigthumb:
The recommended vendors section is originally Uphill's idea, that I thought was brilliant and used myself, so I figured I would continue the good vibes. I figured I have reduced visibility where the dash pods are mounted, so the license plate fits there very nicely. (And my wife kept complaining about it in-front of her on the passenger side!)

Seriously, I thought I moved fast on my build. Looks great!
Love your build too! Thank you!

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Nice write up and pictures Wraven. Clean installs and the rig looks great!

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Great pictures... well organized write up... You have a well equipped FJ!

Absolutely Sahweet! :rocker: :cheers:

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Looks awesome! Your write-up was easy to read & follow, great pics.

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What a great build and description of everything.

Please, if you could, give some more information regarding your custom made back up camera install.

Your rig looks great! :bigthumb:

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Great job on the FJ and the build page. :bigthumb:

Look forward to seeing you two at Jambo!

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That is impressive! Tell me more about your aux tank...heard they could be kind of quirky (like the OEM gauge not working right, and other bugs). I've always wanted one though...who installed it? Awesome build...I'm going to have to look through all those pictures again!
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