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Okay okay here it is...somebody owes me a beer!!!:pinklove:

Tin Can’s Do It Yourself: FJ Cruiser Remote Start

Hello, welcome to my third do it yourself installment for the FJ Cruiser. This will ONLY work on 2007 FJ’s. This is a very involved mod for the FJ it’s not that hard but just detailed no need to be scared. You will need a basic understanding of wiring relays, using t-taps, and push connects.

List of tools/miscellaneous items:

• Crime Stopper Cool Start Unit (RS-1304dp)
• 1 Relay (30 or 40 Amp)
• Roll of electrical tape (Super 33)
• 1 pack Zip Ties
• 1 pack Yellow T-taps (For larger wire 14-10 Gauge)
• 1 pack Red T-taps (For smaller wire 22-16 Gauge)
• 1 pack Blue Male Push Connects
• 1 pack Blue Female Push Connects
• 1 pack Blue Ring Thermals
• 1 pack White Caps
• 5ft -18ga Red Primary Wire
• 5ft -18ga Black Primary Wire
• Screw Drivers: Flat and Phillips #2
• Wire Cutters/Strippers/Crimper
• Pliers/Channel Locks
• 10mm Deep Socket Ratchet Wrench
• A Few Zip Lock Bags

This DIY is very wordy on purpose, so that there is no question of what to do. I’m going to make the basic assumption that one knows how to remove the dash trim pieces, as well as wiring, and crimping. Wires = Leads. Also, this remote start unit uses the FJ’s factory key fob to remote start. Warning: You can mess your FJ up if you do not know what you are doing!!! So with this being said lets start ripping the FJ apart!!

Step 1: Parts/Paneling Removal

First, remove the driver’s side sill cover. Then, remove the “dead” pedal/foot rest. Next, remove the driver’s side kick panel. Using the 10mm socket remove the two (2) bolts from the lower dash, bag and label (Picture 1). Remove the lower dash, set to the side with the other parts. Finally, remove the metal cover plate using a 10mm socket, bag and label. Note: The hood pop latch can be removed by pushing the tab from the inside of the lever. With the panels removed you should end up with a look like Picture 2. Move to step 2.

Step 2: T-Tapping Ignition Switch Harness

Locate the white ignition switch harness under the ignition switch assembly (Picture 3). Unplug the ignition switch harness, using pliers/channel locks snap the yellow and red t-taps, to all the leads/wires coming from the harness (Picture 4). Note: Picture 4 does not show t-taps snapped to all of the leads/wires.

The leads are as followed for the ignition switch harness:

• 12 volts: White/Blue: 2 - Yellow T-Taps
• Ignition: Black/Red: 1 - Red T-Tap
• Ignition 2: Blue/Yellow 1 - Yellow T-Tap
• Accessory: White/Green 1 -Yellow T-Tap
• Starter: Green/Black 1 – Red T-Tap
• Starter 2: Black/White 1- Yellow T-Tap
• Lead/Wire: Blue/Black Not Used

Once the ignition switch harness is completed move to step 3.

Step 3: T-Tapping Door Lock/Unlock Harness

Locate the door lock harness in the driver’s side kick panel (Picture 5). Next, locate the unlock lead/wire (Blue/Black), using a red t-tap snap connect to it. This blue/black lead/wire is the signal for the remote start unit to turn the FJ over. Once the door lock/unlock harness is completed move to step 4. NOTE: If you want to use a lock pulse, meaning the FJ will be locked when started, but you will have to use the key to unlock the FJ. T-tap the lock wire (Blue/Red) and not the unlock lead/wire (Blue/Black).

Step 4: T-Tapping Parking Light Harness

Locate the parking light harness, bottom plug on the right side of the fuse box/BCM (Picture 6). Locate the parking light lead/wire on the harness (Green), use a red t-tap and connect. This green lead/wire turns the parking lights on when the FJ is remote started. Once the parking light harness is completed move to step 5.

Step 5: T-Tapping OBD-II Harness

Locate the OBD-II harness, below dash with “OBD-II” cover (Picture 7 & 8). Locate the tach signal lead/wire on the harness (Black/White). Using a red t-tap connect to the black/white lead/wire. This black/white lead/wire tells the remote unit that the FJ is started. Once the OBD-II harness is completed move to step 6.

Step 6: T-Tapping Brake Switch Harness

Locate the brake switch harness, above the brake pedal (Picture 9). Locate the brake signal lead/wire on the harness (Green/Yellow). Using a red t-tap connect to the green/yellow lead/wire. This green/yellow lead/wire tells the FJ to turn off if the brake pedal is engaged without the key in the ignition. Once the brake switch harness is completed move to step 7.

* Now that you have t-tapped all major parts of the remote system, we will start to bring the remote start system together follow along carefully. Locate the Crime Stopper Cool Start Unit (RS-1304dp) (Picture 10). I will be using the installation instructions diagram for reference points thought-out the rest of the DIY. These diagrams are located on the last page of the booklet (Page 29).

Step 7: Wiring Crime Stopper Cool Start Unit (RS-1304dp) Larger Harness

Locate the larger RS-1304dp remote start harness. Crimp blue male push connects on to all the leads/wires coming off the harness. Once the blue male push connects are crimped, install the leads/wires into the ignition switch harness from step 2 and the parking light harness from step 4.

RS=Remote Start IH=Ignition Harness

Colors for Larger RS-1304dp harness are as followed:

• Brown: From RS to IH: Starter (Green/Black)*
• Grey: From RS to IH: Accessory (White/Green)
• Red: From RS to IH: 12 volts (Blue/White)
• Red: From RS to IH: 12 volts (Blue/White)
• Pink: From RS to IH: Ignition (Black/Red)
• Pink/White: From RS to IH: Ignition 2 (Blue/Yellow)
• White: From RS to Parking Light Harness (Green)

*A jumper must be wired from IH: Starter (Green/Black) to IH: Starter 2 (Black/White). Both these leads/wires must be energized at the same time for the FJ to start.

Once the male push connects are installed and completed move to step 8a and 8b.

Step 8a: Crime Stopper Cool Start Unit (RS-1304dp) Smaller Harness
Locate the smaller RS-1304dp remote start harness. Crimp blue male push connects on to the list of leads/wires below. Once the blue male push connects are crimped, install the leads/wires into the parking light harness from step 4, the OBD-II harness from step 5, the brake switch harness from step 6, Grounding point, and relay pack. The relay pack must be built at the same time as this step, see step 8b for relay assembly.

RS=Remote Start

List of leads/wires from smaller RS-1304dp harness:
• Yellow/White: Not Used: Cap Off
• Black: Ground with Ring Terminal on Chassis (Picture 11)
• Yellow/Black: Not Used: Cap Off
• Brown: Not Used: Cap Off
• Green: From RS to Relay 87*
• Grey: From RS to Hood Pin**
• Pink: Not Used: Cap Off
• Purple: From RS to Brake Switch Harness: (Green/Yellow)
• Orange/Black: Not Used: Cap Off
• Orange: Not Used: Cap Off
• Red/White: From RS to OBD-II Harness: (Black/White)

*The relay pack must be wired into the Crime Stopper Cool Start (RS-1304dp) at the same time as step 8a. See step 8b for assembly.

** I did not use a hood pin. This allows the FJ to start with the hood open. The grey wire needs to be grounded for programming, and I recommend wiring the hood pin into the system.

Step 8b: Wiring Relay Pack

The relay pack must be wired into the Crime Stopper Cool Start (RS-1304dp) at the same time as step 8a. Use the follow list to wire the relay:

Relay Numbers are as followed:
• 85: 18ga Black Ground (Black Jumper)
• 30: 18ga Black Ground (Picture 11)
• 84: (+) Door Unlock Pulse (Blue/Black)
• 87: (-)Remote Start Unit Green Input
• 87a: Not Used Cap with Female Terminal

First, make a jumper for 85 and 30 using 18ga black primary wire (Picture 12) Note: My relay pack is not color coded to the DIY. Locate lead/wire 30 on the relay (Black); ground this lead/wire at the same point as the other black lead/wire (Picture 11). Next, locate the door lock/unlock harness from step 3. Using a male push connect and 18ga red primary wire, connect to the door unlock lead/wire (Blue/Black). Now, run that tail to the relay pack, connect to 84 using a female push connect. Finally, connect the RS-1304dp’s green input wire into 87 of the relay pack using a female push connect. 87a is not used. The relay pack should look something like the one in picture 12.
The point of using the relay pack is to flip the remote start trigger polarity from positive to negative. The RS-1304dp needs three negative pulses to trigger the FJ’s ignition. Once steps, 8a and 8b are complete move to step 9.

Step 9: Check Wiring/Testing

Go back the beginning of this DIY and go through it one more time, double checking the leads/wires and connectors for errors. Remember to plug and harnesses back in, like the ignition harness or brake harness. If no errors, locate the keys and remote keyless entry pad. Once testing is complete move to step 10.

Step 10: Programming

First, you must program the Crime Stopper Cool Start (RS-1304dp).
Using “Options Programming” on page 17of the installation guide, program the RS-1304dp for option 1 (Tach), the default is tachless, change to tach. Once this option is set move to step 11.

Step 11: Remote Start Test

Close all the FJ doors. Next, press the “unlock” button three times 1…beep beep. 2…beep beep. 3…beep beep. Now the parking lights should illuminate and the FJ should turn over. If the FJ does not start refer to step 9. If the FJ does start…Good Job. Finish the install by wrapping the leads/wires in electrical tape, zip-tie the RS-1304dp under the dash, also zip-tie any loose leads/wires, you can run the brake wire under the rubber (Picture13). Install the lower dash and driver kick panels.

The FJ WILL be unlocked when you remote start it, be careful! The reason for this is because when the FJ starts it disables the onboard RF input. This means the key fob will not work after the car is started. I had it wired the first time with three lock pulses and I found I could not get into my FJ unless I used the key…lol so I had to swap trigger outputs to unlock. If you get hung up some where PM me and I will do my best to help. Good Luck Enjoy….


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