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Is there a prize for reviving the oldest thread and making it semi-relevant again?

As many, many others before me, I have been struggling with the rubber cup holder inserts lately. They keep clinging to my water jugs and coffee mugs while I am driving. Many people have lost them as they don't realize the clinger until they drop off in the parking lot or inadverantly make their way to the trashcan. They also cost around $25 to replace.

Although this issue is not exclusive to the FJ, this is the first vehicle that I cared enough to spend energy solving. I accidentally came up with some pretty good solutions this week:

1. Two pieces of industrial velcro to hold the bugger in its hole--$2. Works most of the time, unless I have a really wide bottle that pulls it out. Was not completely satisfied.

2. A plastic sleeve that fits extremely snugly in the rubber insert and facilitates a slick removal--free. This was an accidental discovery due to a display tray that came with a shaker bottle I bought at Wallyworld. This also makes it easier to keep the holder clean from spills and dirt. This works really good so far.

3. An auxiliary cup holder attached to the passenger side console-$5. I used some heavy duty 3m tape. It folds up out of the way and gives me that plus one I needed.


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