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Hey Guys,

My FJ is pretty stock to the casual eye. I noticed someone whose FJ looked really clean from the front using the stock bumper.

I googled around and found these:

FJ Bumper Wings - FJ Bumper WingsFJ Bumper Wings | Aluminum Diamond Plate Replacements

I decided that $85 wasn't a bad price either. I ordered the black powder coated ones and discovered they were shipped out the next day (fast shipping). When they arrived the quality was great (no rough edges, paint was great, they were even pre-bent a bit to match the bumper's bends). Rich, the owner, was great through all my interactions. He's been making these for 10 years now, who knew!

Install was a breeze. The most difficult thing was getting the clips off from the OEM bumper wing. Some I ended up just gyrating back and forth and they broke off (and who cares as I'm not ever looking to put them back on the FJ).

The bolts need to be tight but not too tight as you don't want to bend the diamond plate.

I tried embedding the images using "
" but it did not work.
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