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So, I land in Phoenix the other day and at this point I do so much traveling I'm on a plan where I can pretty much grab any car I like on the lot so I bee-line it to a beautiful 2008 FJ... SFC just like mine... A sublime experience...

'Twas like going back in time to the day I drove mine home on 3/26/06...

Made me pine for the days before I did all the mods... very weird feeling!

Maybe I'll have to pick up a new one and leave it bone stock just for road trips and stuff ??? Maybe brick this time ???

here's another sublime Toyota experience...

A few weeks ago I fly into Amarillo and begin a trek to Eastern NM (near Clovis). It's mid-day, I'm hungry and about to drive by that famous 72-oz. steak place so I pull in to grab some lunch before I continue on...

WHAT DO I SEE... A totally mint LC70... Could NOT believe it...

Damn thing has some sort of funky French plates (or so I thought, turned out to be Swiss). The thing is desert tan and set up like a safari wagon. Big tires that look like Goodyear MTRs but something different and foreign. Sand rails hang from the sides. Camping gear is strapped all over. There are two really cool black camels painted on the front fender. NO lift. Looked like something that would cross the Sahara desert. I'm stunned!

As I ogle this thing the owner shows up... turns out to be some guy and his chick from Switzerland... I can barely understand a word he says but we start communicating in the international language of "Toyota-ese"...

From what I can gather, he shipped it to S. America and drove up to TX from there...

I would have killed for this rig! Blew me away.

Anybody know of an LC70 for sale some place?

Interesting things now in Las Vegas...
-Prius taxis
-FJs cruising the strip decorated head-to-toe with ads for hookers

Only in LV...

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I believe they are being sold as new in Australia. Was it something like this?

Vehicle Detail Summary
Make & Model: Toyota LandCruiser 70 2008
4.5 Turbo Diesel GXL Troop Carrier
Body: Off-road Commercial
Engine: 4.5ltr V8
Transmission: Manual 5 sp
RRP: $61,990

* 4.5 litre V8 turbo diesel engine
* Variable vane turbocharger with intercooler
* DOHC (Direct Over Head Camshafts) with 32 valves with common-rail direct injection
* 151kW power – Over 20% better than the previous Turbo Diesel
* Fuel economy (L/100Km)* – 11.9L Troop Carrier & Wagon, Cab Chassis 11.5L

* Class-leading 430Nm of torque
* Meets strict Euro IV emission standards
* 5 speed manual transmission with High/Low range
* Over 1500km range for vehicles fitted with 180L tanks (Cab Chassis and Troop Carrier)
* Extended 8-model line-up
Pretty cool commercial: Toyota Australia: LandCruiser 70 - Gallery - TV Commercial

YouTube - 4WD Action - 116 LC 70 Series V8

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We got ours for under $29K with a 4500 engine. Unless they change the registration laws it will be hard to drive :eek:

Where and how did you guys go about procuring one? For $29K and a 4.5L turbo diesel I would definitely be in the market. But I have no idea how to go about getting one. I'm assuming it would be an import, yes? Are there companies in the U.S. that specialize in this type of thing? Are the LC70 series being imported still being produced or are these older, used models? Sorry for all the questions. I've been digging around as of late but I can't find a whole lot of info and I need a place to start.


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