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So there are several threads about what tools people bring on the trail.

But what about parts?

I was thinking about picking up some of the parts that commonly fail,
that would leave you stranded, without replacement. Obviously you
can't bring everything, like an alternator, etc. But things like:

Fan belt
Radiator hoses
Hose clamps

Any other suggestions?

Ball joint?

What things can be replaced with hand tools, and have a chance of breaking in the field?

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Tie rod (inner and putter), a CV.

No need for a ball joint, unless you carry a hella big press with you, you will not be changing that on the trail. Unless you are talking about one for the LR UCAs.

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These are the extra parts I carry:

complete set of inner/outer tie rods
cv assembly (long trips, I take 2)
2 driveshaft u joints
wheel bearing/hub assembly
serpentine belt
air filter
oil filter
stock rubber brake line (can work front or rear in a pinch)
Stainless Steel Zip ties (worked well holding my skidplates after I sheared all the bolts)
Plastic Zip ties
Bailing Wire (you never know)
6" brake hard line
2 qts of engine oil
1 qt gear oil
pint of brake fluid
1 qt ATF
Water (for radiator in a pinch)
Spare tire
tire plug kit
Tools associated with those repairs

ideally I would like to carry enough oil for complete oil/trans/tcase/diffs changes, but the space/weight adds up.

I wheel mine pretty hard, and I've only ever had to change 1 outer tie rod, 1 cv assembly, and 1 front brake hard line in 6yrs on the trail.
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