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So toyota sends me an email hyping up the appearance of the FJ at the Pomona Off Road Expo. I take time off, drive about 30 bucks in gas to get there, pay 24 bucks combined for two tickets to the show, 7 bucks in parking and what do I see?

A beautiful silver FJ, but...

It's up on stage and I can't closer than ten feet away to it. The windows are blacked out (no interior) and I am told that it's a shell truck. I think that meant there was nothing inside of it. Probably cheaper to ship around, I guess...

Hey, don't get me wrong. I was happy to see it. But Toyota, if you're going to send me an invite to see something, warn me of what I won't see or will see. I was excited to see the shell from afar, less excited about spending over 60 bucks and time off not get a hands on experience that would have excited me about a future purchase.

A few notes while looking at the video I took:

Yes, 3 windshield wipers

Oh, a little smaller than I thought in person. That's good, I had a wrangler and miss how easy it was to park, change lanes, wash, etc...

Silver is awesome!

It looks better in person. When I was a kid, I dreamed that I would drive a car like this on the moon!

I might have to risk the tickets and limo tint all the windows, too.

Oh yeah, Toyota reps put out these cardboard envelopes that held CD ROMs inside all over the stage in front of the FJ. When I got home, I excitedly popped it in my computer only to find a documentary on LAND cruisers. WTF? There wasn't even a land cruiser there! Lame!

At least I have my own videos!

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