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RETROFIT the combo A-Trac/locker to the 06's...

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RETROFIT the combo A-Trac/locker to the 06's
(AKA A-Trac Hack)...

Have the dealer upgrade the function on the first
build models from 06' to be able to utilize the
A-Trac and Locker at the same time... This is a
function of the 07-08's, and a real simple change...

As others here have added wish lists, here are a
few... (just wishing)

Front Locker
Old School Body
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yeah, having to do the a-trac hack job ticked me off. but, i'm glad and grateful to the individuals smarter than i that were able to discover the relatively un-invasive hack. having both is an absolute must for difficult terrain.
Once the Drivetrain warranty is up, I will hack !...

(unless toyota steps in and fixes the oversight)...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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