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Hey guys....

Thought you might be interested on my install of a Rhino Rack 270 Batwing on my FJ.

I'm a big fan, and have been EXTREMELY happy with Tuffstuff4x4. These guys have treated me very well and have been excellent with their customer service....
I started with my RTT and have added their basecamp trailer, and a bunch off their other products to my overlanding collection. I highly, HIGHLY recommend them.... they were just lacking in this category.

But with that being said....

Since TF4X4 doesn't have a 270 product....I ordered a 270 Batwing from Rhino Rack....

I was worried that I'd need to build some custom mount for the awning, since Rhino Rack is geared towards their line of vehicle racks.....

But using a couple of bar mounts I've used before, I was able to mount the awning fairly easily to the stock rack.

I've been very happy with mounts from I found on Amazon from a company called "House Tuning". Here's a link...

They can be a bit fiddly getting the screws in, but these mounts clamp down extremely tight on the FJ's rack.....

So I used one at the front and one at the rear to mount the awning....

I did drill some new holes in the Rhino Rack brackets to reduce the amount of leverage the Rhino Rack brackets had on things, and that also tucked the awning a little closer to the FJ's rack.

I will say that I did have to use some extra hardware during the install.... the mounts have a 3/8's mounting hole.... (that is, for the things that mount... to the mount) I used grade 8 hardware with both split ring lock washers and nylon nuts to secure the awning bracket to the mount (probably overkill... but the combo is 'upside down' for my liking.... that is... the bolt comes up and the nut is on top of things.....)) So far, I've seen no movement or droop in the awning.

There's a ton of slack in the awning t-slots.... so the curve in the FJ's rack can be averaged.

I feel confident that the awning isn't going anywhere.....

And for the awning itself... pretty happy with the construction / fit and finish....

No... it's not self supporting, but it it seems to be very well constructed. I like the fact that once the poles are set to height, they can be clipped back up in place without changes.

And the little things made me happy too.... like the ground stakes.... beefy... not those little things you get with a lot of tents and stuff... also that the poles for the awning have a foot designed so the stakes are driven in at an angle.... nice.

And all the stakes and guy ropes store inside the cover for the awning when you pack it away...
I received 2 of the 3 side walls for the awning today.... next time I get a chance, I'll put those on and give you guys an update.....

Here's some pics!







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looking good! like myself, we both need those Tapered awning walls now
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