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July 2017 Rig of the Month: Joeisip811

We'd like to congratulate Joeisip811 - Joseph for having the July 2017 Rig of the Month.



Hayden: Tell us a bit about yourself (age, family, school/job, hobbies, where are you from, how long you’ve lived where, etc.)[Really whatever you’d like to share, like what you would tell someone if you were meeting them for the first time]?

Joe: Hello All, My name is Joe Isip from NJ. ? Married with 2 kids. Owner of a small business. My current hobbies are FJC, mountain and Down Hill Biking. I'm a collector and user of custom knives. Love to cook and love to eat. ?

Hayden: What is the story of how you got your FJ Cruiser?

Joe: Back in august 2007 my beloved 1994 Toyota Celica GT died on me. Needed a new car definitely a TOYOTA ? Needed a family car so I was looking to buy a loaded 2007 Toyota Camry. We went to multiple Toyota Dealership and located the vehicle that we were looking for at Rockland Toyota in Blauvelt, NY. As soon as we stepped inside the dealership I noticed a Black FJC on their main showroom. TRD package with manual trans…. SOLD!!!!! TRD package not TRD SE.. I didn’t do my research before buying. it was love at first sight. I didn’t know about the TRD SE until I brought the FJ for a compliment service and there’s an all-black FJC on their lot.. From then on I slowly made my own Special Edition named DAPURAK SE lol…

Hayden: Is the FJ Cruiser your first off-road vehicle? If not what was you’re the first vehicle you took wheeling?

Joe: An International Scout was my first 4x4 vehicle when we were still living in the Philippines.

Mod List:

• Light Force HTX and Rigids for lights
• Road Armor with Titan Guard
• Overkill Fabrication 2nd gen Road Armor bumper mounts
• Expedition One - Rear Bumper loaded
• Bud Built Skid plates
• Bandi fill plates
• TT Rear Bling Plate
• inchworm E-Locker Armor
• Allpro weld on rear Diff Armor
• Allpro spindle gussets with FJToyman's Flavor
• Ruffstuff weld on rear lower link frame mounts
• Rocktek rear lower link Armor. axle mounts
• FJ Toyman's Custom lower rear shock skids
• FJ Toyman's one of a kind set of recovery tow Hooks
• Monster HOOK in tow hitch
• Allpro HD Ultimate Rock Sliders, DOM tubing with Upside-down Fill plates
• 17x9 BMF wheels with 37x12.5 Maxxis Trepador
• 2nd set RED OMF wheels with Mickey Thompson 37x12.5 MTZs
• Set of 5 BLACK trail gear 1.25" hub centric wheel spacers
• Body Mount Chop by Bronx Autobody
• Billet aluminum with heim joints front front swaybar links
• TRD Big Brake Kit - Front
• TRD Performance rear brake pads, Cross drilled rotors
• West Marine CV boot Clamps
• Camburg 1.25 Upper Control Arms - Front
• Custom Long travel rear Coil-springs
• Energy black Bushings all around
• Rear extended stainless steel braided brake lines
• Metaltech Upper Rear Trailing Arm Kit
• CALIFAB Lower Rear Trailing Arm Kit with ruffstuff weld on upper link mount.
• CALIFAB custom pan-hard bar
• ICON Relocation bracket for front swaybar
• Billet/ heim joints Rear extended swaybar links
• Metaltech 2" Billet aluminum bump stop spacers
• Total Chaos racing series LCAs
• ICON S2 kit dual front shocks 2.5 OMEGA series
• Custom made exhaust system with URD spec-U headers
• URD stage 2 clutch with heavy flywheel

Hayden: Any key modifications unique to only your FJ Cruiser?

Joe: Suspension. it’s a mixed and matched kit that works for my set up. Custom exhaust system by KrazyHouse Customs. FJToyman rear tow points and rear shock armor with shin gurads.

Hayden: What is “DAPURAK”? Where does that word or name come from? What does it mean?

Joe: DAPURAK is a Filipino word or a dialect. It means to Plow, crush, destroy or pedal to the metal.

Hayden: Can you tell us about the Dapurak following on social media where others seem to be building up their rigs in a similar manner to yours and calling themselves part of “Team Dapurak”? Did you start that or did people just follow in your footsteps?

Joe: ? well it started about 5 years ago. I guess some people liked my build and wanted to do the same on their FJCs. I guess my FJ is an inspiration to their builds. I don’t mind at all if they like to imitate my FJ. The more the merrier and I think that’s the sincerest form of compliment. I also assisted them in getting the parts and accessories. Most of them lived overseas. Philippines, Dubai, Japan, Australia, Macau just to name a few. Yes they started #teamDapurak lol. #dapspecs #dapboys I think there’s more lol. Love em all

Hayden: What modification has been your favorite or has been the most worth the money/time/effort that you’d recommend it to someone else?

Joe: I don’t really recommend anything to anyone cuz to each his own ? I don’t like to be blame if something goes wrong..

Hayden: What upgrade has been your least favorite, or what modification would you do differently if you had to do it over again?

Joe: My least favorite upgrades are all gone back in 2009 lol. Lets see… nerf bar, bumper guard, spacer lift kit, light guards... I believed there’s more but, I will not list them. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely know how to do it the right way... Trials and errors cost me lots of hard earned money. ☹ Now with my matured mindset I will just probably keep my money in my pocket lol.

Hayden: What future modifications do you have planned for your FJC?

Joe: RockJock 60 rear axle and Inchworm lefty transfercase

Hayden: Where all have you been with your FJC? What trail/park/location is your favorite?

Joe: Never left east coast since I got my FJ in 2007.. I don’t have a particular Favorite place. I really enjoy wheeling my FJ anywhere.

Hayden: What park/location that you have not been to yet would you like take your FJ too?

Joe: Too many to list.. Havent been to FJ Summit. I would like to take my FJ to Utah and Colorado trails ?

Hayden: Has anyone on the forum inspired your build or been a go to resource for you?

Joe: Mike’s FJ “The Raptor” (Shadow Warrior’s Build)

Hayden: What has been the most memorable experience with your FJ Cruiser?

Joe: Meeting new friends with similar interest.

Hayden: Any additional thoughts about your FJ or FJ Cruisers in general you’d like to share?

Joe: I love the FJC community ? That’s all. Giving all of you a virtual FJ wave :-D
Virtual Hug for all the members that are personally well known to me ? Enjoy your rigs and stay safe in the wild..

Thank you for choosing my FJ for the July 2017 rig of the month ?


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2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition
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Congrats Joe! Have always loved your rig!! So epic and inspiring!
@Joeisip811 Don't forget to contact IndyFJCruisers about your grille badge!


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Congratulations Joe. I too am a follower of the Dapurak build and love your FJ. Thank you for sharing in more detail

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Kumasta na, Joe.
Congratulations! That's quite the masterpiece you've built there!
From Vancouver, Washington!

:clap: Bob

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Great looking rig! :rocker:


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Absolutely well chosen for rig of the month...not only a great rig but a great guy as well...Congrats Joe :cheers:
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