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Rock lights installed

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I shared this with the other fellas in AZ and so I figured I'd show yall. I bought three sets of Wally World twenty dollar lights and a switch.

I just screwed the thing into the rear skid mount.

Under the driver and passenger doors are the same sized holes with threads...again I just screwed them in. Drivers side is between the slider and the frame. Passenger side is between the frame and exhaust pipe.

Then stacked some nuts on the bolts that hold the indicator lights on the ARB.

and affixed a light with a bracket style mount as opposed to a single bolt.

The last light went on the Bandi Mount.

Final Product...
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Cool looking, but I cant hang my head out of the FJ far enough to see much more than a bit of the front tire anyway.
No, but my spotter can and nobody will be shining a flashlight in my face.
Come summertime I do most of my wheelin at night. Unfortunately that is when scorpions and rattlers do most of their hunting as well; being able to see the ground when getting out of the FJ is a bonus for that reason. When working under the FJ I require no flashlight. It's not just neat looking, it's functional.
I was not putting the idea down, just my thoughts on it for my own experience. I've not been wheeling at night for years and ground critters are not a big problem in this area.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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