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I usually ignore oil threads but I have used Rotella in my Powerstroke since it was new in 96 with no issues. I also used it in my drag engines (10, 9 and 8 second cars) after Koffels Place told a friend to switch from Mobil 1 to a diesel oil after he kept smoking valve guides in his B1 motor.

I then used it in the next hobby for 10 years leading up to here (Sport and Adventure motorcycles). To include a 153 RWHP FZ1 and a 155 RWHP R1 with quite a few track days (consistent operation above 7000 RPM with no problems ever).

I use it in the wife's Murano and will use it in the FJ as soon as I get to an oil change. I run Standard Rotella in the older cars and Synthetic in the newer. Come pull an oil sample on the wifes Murano if anyone wants to check it out for a more scientific breakdown but for me it just works.

I did run Amsoil in the KTM 950 to get the weight they recommended and have never heard somebody say anything negative about it. Mobil 1 has the best marketing campaign but not synthetic oil in my opinion.
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