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I've been looking at off-road/adventure trailers for a few years now and decided to finally pull the trigger on one. There's no shortage of options so I spent some time deliberating my needs vs. my wants. I really enjoy being out in the wild and teardrops or hard-sided and enclosed trailers take a bit of that away for me. I don't mind a little set-up and break-down and a tent somewhat maintains the feel of sleeping outdoors, which I love. A gear hauler with a RTT started to make a lot of sense for me as I already have some nice camping equipment and keeping it smaller would be a bit easier to tow.

Took a hot lap out to Denver from Provo this weekend to pick up my new Ruger Trailer. Wish I had the time to take a few days a see some stuff but it was just a quick out and back. The guys over there were great to work with (owner is an FJ guy with a 13' TT), responding to emails and texts in a timely manner and keeping me in the loop with photos. They also reached out to some vendors they hadn't worked with before to make sure I got the build I wanted and that some stuff I already had would all work once it came together. The tent riser drops to tub height for better towing and then extends to about 78" in height while parked so I can use the annex with my RTT at camp. There are holes drilled through the riser bars every 6 inches so I have the option of locking the rack at different heights and storing kayaks/surfboards/snowboards or other stuff between the lid and the bottom of the tent rack for additional storage. The Max coupler is amazing and will make you forget your pulling anything.

I'm using an Apex solar set-up from Inergy to run the actuators on the electric riser and any other electrical needs I may have at camp. I also bought a Curt wireless brake controller for the trailer so I could keep the interior of the FJ as stock as possible and am really impressed with that little unit. Gotta install the shovel, some molle racks and a few other things and I'm still waiting for the RTT/annex and awning from 23Zero to come in next month so I can finish it off and get outta town (stupid virus :mad:).

All in all I'm very pleased with how it turned out. Contemplating my first trips still but I really want to load my dive and surf gear on it and drive down into Central America on a little never ending summer type of journey to visit some old friends.??‍♂? Still need to get some things done to the FJ before that can happen though.
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