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Hi guys and gals:

Longtime lurker here--want to thank all of you for the help I've received here over the 7 years I've owned my FJ. 150K miles and still going strong!

I work in the aftermarket automotive industry and get to play with A LOT of parts and talk to some great suppliers. One supplier I've built a strong relationship with is Rugged Ridge. They almost exclusively deal with Jeep--although they do make some GREAT FJ floor liners I encourage anyone in the market to take a long look at. One such item they've released in the past year is a LED Third Brake Light Ring that mounts behind the spare tire. Well, I was able to obtain one to see if I could get it to work with my FJ. One afternoon I removed my spare trire and got to work. With a little cutting and modification, I was able to get it installed and I was super-pleased with the result.

One of my jobs at work is the chief editor and content developer for our aftermarket blog--I don't want to seem like I'm shamelessly plugging it, but I documented the whole process in detail there if you guys are interested in checking it out--I linked it below.

Tech Corner: Rugged Ridge LED Brake Ring...on an FJ? - The Engine Block

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